Good news about Re-wilding Our Planet

It seems we could all use some good news about things that are going right on the planet these days. Here are a multitude of articles I came across recently about efforts to preserve habitat, and breed endangered animals for re-release back into the wild. I will continue to add new links as I find them. Love, Llyn

England brings in biodiversity rules to force builders to compensate for loss of nature 

30% of Barbados Seas to be Protected Under “Blue Bond” Financing That Saved The Seychelles - Dec.2022 

Endangered Frogs See ‘Population Explosion’ After 422 Ponds Were Built in Switzerland - Nov. 2022

Ambitious Reforestation Project Will Plant 3 Million Trees in Uganda  

How maverick re-wilders are trying to turn back the tide of extinction

With 14,000 Critical Acres Added to Montana Wildlife Reserve, It May Become the Largest in the Lower 48

Ducks Unlimited and the University of Florida working together for conservation at the DeLuca Preserve 

Gone For a Century, Plant Finally Shows Itself When Conservation Work on ‘Ghost Pond’ Stirs Up Hidden Seed 

China's Yangtze River Basin to Recover Biodiversity

Knepp Re-wilded

England's farmers to be paid to 'rewild' land  

50 Countries Just Joined New Coalition to Protect 30% of the Planet’s Land and Oceans By Decade’s End 

We Finally Rid An Island of 300,000 Rats – Now Everything is Blooming 

Colorado’s State Fish, Once Considered Extinct, is Now Reproducing Naturally in Native Waters

There are lots of small ways we can each help create a healthier planet, through our consumer choices and the way we live our lives. Thank you to each of you reading this for all the ways you are contributing to solutions!

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