Thursday, April 14, 2011

Your Joy Will Never End

Take a moment to reflect upon this gift of life you live
But more importantly just ask yourself, “What gift have I to give?”
A smile can mean so many things to those who need a friend.
Put others needs ahead of yours and your joy will never end.

There’s magic in your words of praise, you have the power to heal.
Let others know you care, and show the gratitude you feel.
Greet one another often with a kiss of charity.
You’ll always have enough to give when you give abundantly.

There’s more to life than getting the things you think you need.
To feed the hungry of this world we first must plant the seed.
It’s not enough to be at peace, to find our heaven inside.
When all the people’s needs are met we’ll all be satisfied.

Song Lyrics by Chris Burns
image from a 4-H program Chris led in the 1990's