Monday, November 3, 2014

Housing Security for All!

Cob house
Haven't you always dreamed of living in a little Hobbit-house like this?
Chris and I have become acquainted with two wonderful gals, Hannah and Tuula who are truly living life "out of the box". Since we have known them, they have cycled all the way across the country to bring awareness to issues around food, farming and eating local. Recently they have been putting their life energies, and bringing awareness to another essential need: shelter.  They are well along the way towards building a "tiny house" on wheels. Below is an excerpt from their latest post about this project.

I have an idea. Let’s end homelessness in America and make access to housing a right, not a privilege. Take the money we spend on giving tax breaks to developers who build McMansions on spec and give any person with a housing need a monthly stipend to spend on building supplies. Half must be spent at a local business. It can go to improve existing housing or building new. We’ll need some community education, too. Maybe those soldiers who are building schools and churches to build American goodwill abroad could come home and teach their neighbors these basic skills. Teach them to the women who are in desperate need of safe, healthy housing for their families. Teach them to college grads who are limited by living at home to save money. 

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